"HOW TO Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to Generate a list of 1000 Ideal Clients and Present them with an Irresistible Offer on Autopilot"

What happens when you present the right offer, to the right audience at the right time? They Buy!

Watch how we generate Fresh new Qualified leads in real time for our clients, see how the system in real time communicates with the leads and gets them to book meetings automatically.

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Business Is Easier And More Fun When You Can Find Your Ideal Clients

Identify them in three ways:

Industry Type and Location

Search by business type or industry in any location in the world

People/Position Type

Search for people by their position or role within a company


Search for a list of employees based on a specific company

Finds Your Leads

Tell Comet about your ideal client and in what city you want to find them, with one click our search intelligence will produce thousands of results with their contact information.

Starts Your Conversations

Our Ai bots then get to work to begin conversations with those ideal clients on your behalf, telling them who you are and what you do.

You Make Sales

When they interact with our conversations, open emails, click or reply, we notify you immediately so that you can call them and make sales.

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How To Get Your Prospect To Sell Themselves

Learn how the system asks the Right type of Questions at the Right Time that will allow your prospects to PERSUADE themselves rather than you trying to persuade them!

How To Avoid worrying about any of the TECH Stuff

You'll discover how to ensure you do the work once and have the results filling your pipeline month after month with the Automated Leads Machine doing all the heavy lifting for you!

Automated Leads Machine Features


Our Ai sends and tracks 2-4 emails until we get a response or until we get the point they aren't interested in your product.


With 94% open rates, we also send SMS messages to your prospects directly through our system.


We also give you the ability to send voicemails to your prospects without their phones needing to ring.

Why is Automated Leads Machine The Best?

Meet the Ai assistant that helps scale your cold outreach campaigns

faster, cheaper and easier.

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